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Company offices:
P.O. Box 1259 - Dammam 31431 - KSA
+966 138325064
+966 138310241


Contact details:
ABBAD S. AHMED - General Manager
Mob. +966 593191381
Mob. +966 506818058

Excellent Engineering for successful Projects

Incico & Partner is a pure play Engineering Service provider recently registered in KSA under the Ministry of Commerce and Industries (Reg. no. 614/13/323), generated by a strong synergy and cooperation between international expertise from INCICO SpA – Italy and Saudi knowledge and experience from Al-Ojaimi Group.

Incico & Partner brings to the KSA market customized design and engineering services coming from INCICO SpA 35 years of international experience in Europe, Middle East and Africa serving leading companies in the construction of power plants, oil & gas and industrial facilities, public and private infrastructures.

Our typical Projects size goes from 10,000 to 20,000 Mhrs, with a cap of about 50,000 Mhr/year per Project.

By selecting Incico & Partner you are not only choosing international Design expertise but also a professional organisation committed in bringing you value Enginnering and smart solutions in a given time frame and cost schedule.

Engineering Services

  • Plot plan and Equipment layouts
  • P&IDs
  • Piping classes § Stress analysis
  • Piping layouts & ISOs
  • Supports design
  • 3D modeling and administration
  • Thermal and materials balance
  • Systems descriptions
  • Calculations
  • Process Flow Diagrams
  • Equipment specs. & data Sheets
  • System Studies
  • Sizing and Equipment Selection
  • Equipment Specs. and Data sheets
  • Layouts
  • Protection systems
  • Plant power distribution system
  • Plant Illumination
  • Control system architecture
  • DCS technical spec.
  • Logic diagrams
  • Control diagrams
  • Instruments and I/O list
  • Valves and Instruments data sheets
  • Layouts
  • Permitting
  • Architectural design
  • Static & Dynamics FEA analysis
  • Geotechnical
  • Steel Structures and RC design
  • Drainages and U/G network
  • Quantities estimations/survey
  • Laser Scanning and survey
  • Construction supervision
  • Quality control and material acceptance
  • Safety coordination
  • Site technical office
  • Monitoring and surveillance


By merging the experience and capabilities from Al-Ojaimi Group in Procurement and Construction and INCICO Engineering and Project Management knowledge, Incico & Partner is willing to provide complete package solutions for Power Transmission and Distibutions, Substations, Renewables, Heat recovery systems and Power Stations up to 60 MW capacity.

  • Planning and coordination
  • Cost Control
  • Procurement
  • Bids evaluation
  • Vendors expediting and follow-up
  • Effective Communication management
  • Risk management
  • Integrated Scope management
  • Installation of all types of Electrical systems including Power Transformers, Large Motors, Generators, EHV Equipments
  • Installation Cabling, Earthing, Illumination Packages
  • Substations and Transmission Line Structures, Conductors, Busbar systems
  • Testing of all type electrical equipments including Relays, Power and Instrument Transformers, Circuit Breakers, Motors
  • Scheme checks, Pre-commissioning checks
  • System commissioning and synchronization
  • In-house testing equipment and testing & commissioning engineers