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The Group was founded in 2003 to provide multidisciplinary engineering services mainly addressed to the Energy and Industrial sectors. Core competences were in the field of civil & structural design, electrical engineering, automation and control; soon after the company expanded its expertise in the area of piping and mechanical engineering, with the aim of providing a full range of engineering services.

incico in Ferrara:

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is the centre of excellence for civil and structural design; it also houses the Company Top Management and Administration centre.

four other companies belong to the group


Novatech Engineering Private Limited (NEPL), located in Coimbatore, Tamil-Nadu - India, supports the projects of the group but also operates as an independent engineering service provider to serve the fast growing markets in India, Middle East and Far East.


“Incico & Romella - Engineers for Energy, Renewables & Petrochemicals”, located in Durban (RSA) is the result of a long collaboration story between Incico Spa and Michel Steinhofer, a qualified Professional Engineer who started working with INCICO in 2008 for Medupi and Kusile Power Stations. The new Company brings together Incico’s expertise in renewable energy, power generation, oil & gas & Industrial Sector at large, and Romella’s local engineering capabilities and expertise in civil/architectural sector and Project Management.


Incico & Partner is a pure play Engineering Service provider recently registered in KSA under the Ministry of Commerce and Industries (Reg. no. 614/13/323), generated by a strong synergy and cooperation between international expertise from INCICO SpA – Italy and Saudi knowledge and experience from Al-Ojaimi Group.


A qualified and reliable pure-play Engineering Company now operating in the USA.
INCICO US brings to the USA market customized design and engineering services coming from INCICO SpA’s 35 years of international experience in Europe, Middle East and Africa serving leading companies in the construction of power plants, oil & gas and industrial facilities, public and private infrastructures

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our team

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A design team is characterized by its know-how, experience, organization and capability.
Company’s know how and experience is witnessed by our reference list and by the professional profiles of our discipline leaders.
Our organization, simple and neat, is derived from the classical matrix model.
The technical staff is divided into five disciplines: civil & structures, piping, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and automation.
Projects are managed by a dedicated team of project engineers.

engineering capacity

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incico is capable to provide a total of 150.800 engineering man-hours on a yearly basis.
Head counts and corresponding engineering man-hours are detailed in the tables.
The numbers are referred to our employees’ workforce.
Whenever needed our team can be supported by consultants, already acquainted with our organization and design approach, while highly specialized services may be easily outsourced.

quality management

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The Quality Policy that incico intends to manage, by introducing a Quality Management System conform to UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, is supposed to be, not just a simple methodology of working but a real way to think, throughout the company organization can monitor and check its own tasks in the way of improvement, both in terms of quality and quantity aspects.
This conception allows to acquire a specific analysis attitude, as main managing tool, able to be preventive, directly and secondary at each level, with the scope of gaining better results and being used as deterrent in front of undesirable events.
At the beginning of each project incico prepares a specific control plan for quality so as to identify the dedicated resources to projects and the procedure to be adopted to manage information of the project processes, on the bases of a time scheduling and planning of the Client’s contractual requests. Specific focus is dedicated on the right management of the multidisciplinary interfaces.
The key activities joined to the Quality System are:

  • Operation to be handled in organic, hence harmonious and gradual way
  • Planning
  • Documentation tracking
  • Checking and monitor
  • Analysis of the risks and of the opportunities
  • Information flow managing
  • Check copies handling
  • Multidisciplinary cross-checking and interfaces managing
  • Project review
  • Non-conformities treating and resolution

design tools

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Synergies and integration among different software packages are the bases for the execution of our engineering activities. The main pillar of our system is the 3D model of the plant, from which we are extracting all 2D detailed engineering documents such as piping arrangements, isometrics, layout and sections, cable routes, etc.
Aveva PDMS has been selected as our preferred 3D modelling system. The software exchanges data and information with other packages, extensively used among engineering companies and worldwide recognized as market leaders:

  • PUMA 5, a material management tool to manage piping classes, piping MTO, piping material requisitions.
  • Caesar II, a software to perform piping stress analysis, review and consolidate critical lines layout and import modification originated by such activity into the 3D model.
  • Tekla, a tool developed to execute the full engineering cycle related to steel structures design, up to the final extraction of shop drawings.
  • Robot, a FEA software to run civil and structural design in static and dynamic conditions, with several post-processors for elements verification according to international standards.

history in brief

progetto ponte arcate ca

incico was established in 1980 by Serafino Monini, as an Engineering Company operating in the Industrial field mainly for Civil and Structural Design.

At that time incico provided Engineering services for Chemicaland Petro-chemical Plants in Italy, Europe and many foreign Countries worldwide. In 1991 incico started moving its core business into the Power Sector providing civil and structural design for the first co-generation power Plant constructed in Italy.

The fast-growing Energy market in Europe, Middle East and Mediterranean Area allowed incico to significantly grow in knowledge, experience and turn-over, being capable to successfully run big projects for Thermal Power Plants and to establish long lasting relantionship with its main Clients.


In 2000 incico achieved the Quality Certification ISO 9001 and introduced the 3d modelling software PDMS as standard Engineering tool to improve the Company performance and Design process quality.

In 2003 the Company has been expanded by merging two additional Enterprises, Novatech Italia and Novatech Private Ltd. (India) specialized in Plant Engineering for Power Sector, becoming a Multidisciplinary Engineering Provider, offering Design and Project Management services including Mechanical, Piping, Electrical and Instrumentation & Control System.